Cam Portraits

Cam Portraits, is an installation of Global Art that investigates the essence of the character of the contemporary cultural identities in the world.
The portrait of men and women around the world built through the mirror of the webcam.
Cerami meets the subjects portrayed and captures the video image through web cam and then works with the use of a digital pen, using compositing software and digital editing.
Millions of people appear and disappear in webcam. They meet each other, they exchange information, they love, they tell stories. Cerami tells them in a minute.
Their actions are carried out in a white which makes them faint.
The great invention of the Renaissance was the perspective, which emphasizes the theme of the centrality of man in space and in fact the background of the subjects portrayed in Renaissance paintings are landscapes, cities, rooms in perspective.
Cerami, with this work, replaces the Renaissance perspective with the Point d’Etre, the matching point between the origin of thought and the bodily sensation it causes. The centrality in the contemporary age is information. Modern man is so pretty in the center of the digital relationship and its value is strongly linked to its role as a relational network node.
Be in the network defines the identity of the contemporary individual.
The webcam is a crucial tool, the main one for Cerami, the representation of contemporary identity through the network. I exist because I am connected to others through the network, the webcam.

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