Corto Circuito

In 1994 I created and art directed Corto Circuito, the First Festival on Short Audiovisual Communication. Corto Circuito has taken place in Napoli from the 1994 until the 2003 and it’s been promoted by the Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri, The Regione Campania, the Conune di Napoli and the Provincia di Napoli. Short films are a very important, recognizable and identifiable as part of modern audiovisual communication. Commercial, news breack, motion graphic for tv format are all short; also the cartoon have always been short. Short allows speed and assembly. Our era is one of interactive use, based on the ability to receive information, add to other infromation and so on in order to construct a new content. To make sense, it is necessary thatthis be a fast process. Clearly, in a second moment, each of these brief moments will correspond to a succesive”longer” moment. Short films in in offices, schools, supermarkets, or in a chain of airports or railway stations: a contented monster who lives indisturbated, relentlessly growing larger ans larger. Corto Circuito came into being with the intention of serving as an annual show place for short audiovisual productions and to promote contacts between creative and producers.

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