Eggs & Skulls

Eggs & Skulls is a Digital Installation of Mapping video.

A Digital visual poem about the city of Napoli, its icons  and myths.

It is an animated video mapping installation created by the artist for the open spaces of  Museo Madre
The background music is composed by Enzo Avitabile and Carola Pisaturo.
After the opening ceremony (20. 30 -22.30 )the work becomes a part of the collection of the Madre Museum.
It will be part of the project :”Create and preserve art in Campania “.
Entry to the inauguration will be free, followed by the “Eggs &Sculls -Summer Cocktail Party”(22. 30 -1.00 ) toasting the end of summer and welcoming the new season of exhibitions.
Carola Pisaturo is the dj with her music. She is known for her heterogeneous comminling of ‘house’,'funk ‘, and ‘techno ‘

“Eggs &Sculls -Madre 2017 ” with its animated video mapping was commissioned by the Madre museum in the scope of the linear project “Contemporaneo -Confronti ”
This project connects the history of art and the contemporary art of Naples and the province of Campania through a multitude of icons and digital images. It takes off from the Madre collection and tells the story of local art from its roots into the future. Anchors, horns, horses, eggs, Mt Vesuvius in eruption, reproductions of San Gennaro, the Siren Partenope all are incorporated in a caleidoscope of allegorical images illuminating the courtyard; interpretating local art in a new and different way using the architectural background as a canvas
There is a measured rapport between animation, digital images, rythmic music within the architectural surrounds of Palazzo Donnaregina. It not only exploits the limited space, arches, frieses and entry ways but sweeps through the collection of the museum as well.
It connects and weaves together history, anthropology, sociology and iconogaphic images.
The archaic identity and modern vitality of Naples and the region of Campania are to be seen on the walls of the museum. It demonstrates a timeless picture of the area through symbols, people, places and time. In this it can be universally identified.
Franz Cerami says that it is not enough only to light up a building but to enhance its significance ;create a dialogue through feeling for a historic place and a moment in time ,then think, reflect and reinterpret it.
It is an excellent recreation taking advantage of the place and its architecture. Throughout it transforms its elements and forms a new and personal canvas.
Refusing showmanship for its own sake “Eggs &Sculls -Madre 2017″ was created through a long and diciplined work process translating the work into digital language with all the help software and hardware can give.
The matrix of painting and movement are the basic principles of it.
Cerami ‘s artistic process is unique and manifests itself in the principles of oil painting and design which are at the base of his installations .In them he draws the perception to the abstraction of classic images transformed through videoprojection. This combination of history and cultural background of Naples and Campania ‘s roots connects the old with the modern reality.