Gac Caserta Digital Storytelling on Cultural Heritage

The Gac caserta project was created by the Regione Campania to promote the cultural heritage of the area of Caserta: I worked creating 3 digital story in collaboration with the schools of Caserta, Casagiove and Maddaloni. The work was based on the idea that the cultural heritage is a vehicle of cultural identity: we worked with the students of these 3 schools to discuss about it, to give them the possibility to discover their cultural heritage and finally their identity as a community. They filmed with us their monuments, streets, museum; we talked about what kind of identity they thought the area should promote. This video is the first of 3 digital story that I have done in the area of Caserta, Casagiove and Maddaloni for
the Regional County Council of Campania. The all work is about how digital storytelling can promote the cultural identity of the area of Caserta.

Projects related: digital installation, Education, storytelling, video