Light Your Blue

Light your blue is the new installation by Franz Cerami, that has been presented for the first time at Naples during the event Monumedia Light & Vision. The installation has been placed on the cliff in front of Castel dell’Ovo, in Naples, from the 21th untill the 25th of october 2009. The shade Of blue of the installation has been determined everyday by the choice made by users of the site www.lightyourblue.com. Blue is the colour of the sea, the colour of the sky, the color of soul. 
Everyone has his own blue. 
 Light Your Blue intercepts these emotions, these pictures, making everyone participate with his own blue to create a collective blue, a global blue. The application permits the lighting system to work in total automation,without the intervention of an human operator. The system is based on a Apple computer with a custom software created specifically for this installation. The software switches on the computer at 9.00pm, providing also to turn on the light system with a power interface. Next, the “Light Your Blue” site is contacted through the Internet retrieving the selected tone of blue, and this value is transmitted to a light console through a Ethernet link. The console reads the value and calls one of several light scenes programmed in its memory, one for every tone of blue. At last, at 11.00pm, the software switches off the computer and the light system. Derrick de Kerkhove said, in connection with Light Your Blue, that is a collective and interactive art work, a global art work. This is not to illuminate an object, but to evoke its meaning, to communicate with this object.


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