Miss Digital World

I created Miss Digital World in 2003 as a collaborative international art project on digital identity and digital beauty. Miss Digital has been the first contest of digital beauties. Every age has its ideal of beauty, and every age produces its visual incarnation of that ideal from the Venus de Milo in ancient Greece to Marilyn Monroe in the 1960s. Miss Digital World is the search for the contemporary ideal of beauty seen through the language of virtual reality. Many artists from all the world partecipated to the project: from Mexico, Chile, Italia, Usa, Iran, China, Brasil, France, United Kingdom, just to name a few countries. The first edition, that attracted about 3600 digital artists from around the world, was won by the chilean Katty Ko, a digital clone of the real Katty Kowaleczko, very known in Chile because actress of the south american soap opera Passion.

Projects related: digital installation, storytelling