Monumedia Borgo Light & Vision

After the 1997 to 1999 success, within the “Creativity Journey ,”(project of the Region of Campania Tourist Department), the Monumedia Festival returns, the event which, since its creation, proposed to valorize cultural and historical sites in Naples, assembling digital innovation, design and Cultural Heritage. Monumedia is the annual appointment with the multimedia production concerning Art and Culture, which seeks to combine Digital Innovation, Design and Cultural Heritage. The festival is animated by the use of lights and moving images applied to cultural heritage through installations, interactive light gardens , projections of three-dimensional images on “Castel dell’Ovo”, light installations created by Internet, lunar atmospheres inspired by lightning revisiting of satellite dishes. The 2009 edition of the Festival Monumedia – Borgo Light & Vision intends to propose a rereading of “Castel dell’Ovo” and the whole “Borgo Marinari a Santa Lucia”; this place is from centuries a symbol of Naples and Monumedia wants to come back with a vision enhancing the beauty and uniqueness. Protagonists of the entire event will be the technology, light projections and wall digital images, real three-dimensional
sculptures, beautiful architecture in motion. The event, bring held from October 20th to November 6th,
is promoted by the “Regional Direction of the Minister of Cultural Heritage”and realized with the partnership of the Consortium “Antico Borgo Marinari” . The art director will be Franz Cerami – Digital Artist – who is the ideator as well. For this edition of “Borgo Screen”, there will be three artworks of
Video Mapping realized by Giorgio Rinolfi – Digital Artist (October 22nd), by Franz Cerami (October 23rd) and by Till Nowak – Digital Artist (October 25th), also visible from a distance between 9 pm and 11 pm : old charms of history and legend will be blended with bright and engaging dialogues on the artist’s lit masterpieces.

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