Napoli City of Tourism

I directed this promotional short documentary for the City of Napoli. The language I use is called picture in picture and consist in divide the screen in smaller boxes where different contents are shown at the same time. The client presented the documentary in London to some journalist and the feedback was very good;

I think the red neapolitan wine and the mozzarella had some influence on their positive comments on the documentary. The documentary is part of a Campaign that I directed to promote the City of Napoli in London. How to comunicate Napoli in London? What exactly good Londoners find interesting in Napoli? There are some point in common, two to be more precise: music and fine arts. We all have a long story in music and fine arts. And Napoli has beeen always crossed by new cultures and has always remixed these cultures. That could be interesting. Remix is one of the most interesting contemporary concept. Perfect. I started from the idea of Remix. I asked to young designers and young dj’s to remixthe two most imortant icons of Napoli: the Vesuvio and the song O’ sole mio.I designed the logo of the Campaign and prepared the 2 competition: Napoli Music Remix and Napoli Vesuvio Remix. The video has been made to promote the all idea of Napoli has a contemporary and open palce to visit and stay. A creative town. A town so creative ad open to decide to let some english creative to remix it’s own identity.

Projects related: storytelling, video