This is a screening of Digital Video Mapping for Castel dell’ovo, made in 2015.
Cam portraits is an installation that has as its main theme digital identities.
The images of the protagonists were captured through the webcam and reproduced with digital painting tools.
Cerami tells the stories of people who meet, love and interact.
The installation induces reflection on the identity of the man in the digital world, which is strengthened through the webcam and then the network.
With this work, Franz Cerami replaces the Renaissance perspective the Point D’etre theorized
by the sociologist Derrick de Kerckhove curator of the installation obtaining a mutation of the
point of view which is no longer in front of the show but inside.
Contemporary man is rather at the centre of digital relations and his value is strongly linked to his role as a node of the
relational network.
Being in the net defines the contemporary individual.