Eggs & Skulls is a digital installation of video mapping commissioned by the Museo Madre of Naples realized in 2017 entered the collection of the Mother in the within of the project “Per formare una collezione” for archive of art in Campania.
It is the story of the identity of a city reinterpreted in a contemporary key.
Through the digital language, symbols, icons, characters are evoked: horns, capuzzelle, depictions of St. Gennaro, erupting Vesuvius, horses, faces, eyes that animated the Courtyard of Honour of the Museum.
The facade is rethought as a canvas on which to elaborate images and places of the city.
Eggs & Skulls-Museo Madre 2017 offers an unusual comparison with the architecture of Palazzo Donnaregina exploring the collections of the museum, sharing the complex intertwining of historical, socio-anthropological and iconographic references.
The digital paintings are accompanied by a soundtrack that marked the rhythm of the images increasing their immersive.
Oil painting and design are basic features of Franz cerami’s artistic process, which“paints” at the Museo Madre to evoke the story of the timeless territory.