Digital video animation, 2020

A spectacular show that explores the binomial between light and darkness, micro and macrocosm, inner and outer, visible and invisible.
By referring to the art of pyrotechnics, the flagship of the Neapolitan popular tradition, Cerami stages a composition of visual and sound elements inspired to folkloristic celebrations where the chromatic intensity of fireworks engenders the vision of an imaginary universe.
Like a Master of Fire, the artist plays the role of a modern Prometheus whose vision, emancipated from the bonds of myth and ideological mistification, presents itself to the viewer in the form of a magical and mysterious spectacle.
Feeling like a boy again, he nostalgically indulges in the enchantment of the fires, enacting a kaleidoscopic impression of surprise and wonder and mimicking the sound vibrations (literally!). With the fine eye of a skilled professional and the heart of an artist, Cerami’s visual invention explores the symbolic values ​​of celebrations through their unpredictable facets, tangible and metaphysical perceptions, operating by appropriation and redefinition and confronting the notions of objective and subjective time.
Fire ultimately represents an autobiographical journey in which the artist reifies his human, mnemonic and emotional experience.