Installation of video mapping featuring a series of portraits of people living at the edge, and crossing boundaries  worldwide. Limen- here intended as border – presents a number of individuals born in Naples, who, after wandering throughout the world, have selected an ultimate frontier to definitely established themselves. The project is the result of rhetoric laboratory and digital storytelling realized in 2018 – as a first edition – in the IV Municipality of Naples. The Limen Portraits Project aims at describing the city through the faces of its inhabitants developing their relationship with the urban surroundings. The idea is to portray the history of both individual and collective identity through art representation. The term portrait comes from the Latin re-traho, which literally means to “reveal”. Limen Portraits focuses on revealing the city, with its fragmented and live neighborhoods, its inhabitants and its occasional visitors; A revelation to create an encounter, an exchange and a shared future. The importance of this project lies in the interaction, in the connection  between people and sites that ultimately generates identity throughout  individual stories. The portraits were realized at the Poggioreale market and the projection was presented at the Bourbon Wool Mill.