Reingres is a projection of Franz cerami, who reinterprets “The Vallepincon bather” of ingres.
The original work depicts a female nude sitting on a bed and turned back.
The left side of the scene is occupied by a curtain while the figure
female seems to be being watched, or maybe she knows she is.
This work conceals several unanswered questions: whose eyes are they looking at? Is the bather a woman?
Reingres of cerami is the search for the feminine in man and woman.
It is a provocative and subtle search.
The artist then tries to reinterpret it by asking men and women to pose at home through the webcam, thinking back to the picture.
In its reinterpretation, the subject enters the picture and positions himself on the
bed showing the back; then he takes a colored scarf from the bed and wraps
his hair.
Finally he turns to the spectator and stares at him.
In ReIngres, an important role is played by interaction: key word for the
understanding of his works, the interaction is understood as reciprocal
influence between artist and subject portrait.
And the subjects portrayed are people of choice on the net, on social
Not a static portrait, rather a moving portrait that
immediately reveals the subject’s emotions.
Two hundred years later, cerami remixa and reinterprets the art as maintained Salvatore settis, “Each epoch, to find identity and strength, invented a different idea of “classic.”