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PINK CITY, CAPRI 20-21/12/2019

Pink City is a visual poetry, a real narrative game projected in December 2019, on the facades of the buildings of Piazza Umberto I of Capri, during the Capri wawe, Winter Art Festival. Pink city is the story of the places crossed, to cross or to imagine. This story takes place through lines, lights, profiles and shapes that make Pink City the dream city in which to get lost and find yourself. The overwhelming installation has a duration of twenty minutes, and offers a kind of dreamlike path, made of colors, lights and floating islands that harmoniously move, inducing viewers into a surprising journey. Art and technology meet in the village of Marina Grande of Capri, a place that represents the first landing on the island, and that highlights the vision of the artist. The island of Capri is added to the places that hosted this installation such as Naples, Rome, Paris, yerevan, Rio de Janeiro , Saint Petersburg and Marrakesh.